June 11, 2018 Newsletter
Help Elect a Democrat in a New Colorado House District
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April 30, 2022 Newsletter

Posted on May 2, 2022
Massachusetts' best resource for keeping the House and the Senate and turning purple states Blue.
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Volunteers Taking Back Democracy

April 30, 2022

Issue #193

In This Issue

● Win Blue in NH  ● May Roundup  ● Postcards to

Environmental Voters in CO  ● Focus for Democracy Fundraiser  ● SwingLeft's New District Finder

● Learning Corner

We Can Beat Republicans in NH this November!

Learn how at the (virtual) NH volunteer meeting, this Monday, May 2 at 7 pm.


First-term NH House Representative Cathy Rombeau will talk about how she flipped a seat by a margin of 37 votes in Republican Bedford. NH State Senator Cindy Rosenwald will provide details on NH’s radical right and how to defeat them. Hear about messaging that works, lessons learned, and how we can apply them going forward.

Mon, May 2 @7 pm

May Volunteer Roundup is Outdoors!

Meet the people you’ve seen on Zoom! The next Swing Blue Alliance Roundup is in a bucolic setting at Beaver Brook Reservation. Write postcards, have a brewski and enjoy delicious food. Help us celebrate the launch of our new campaign. Attendees will recieve a campaign-themed gift.

Mark your calendar and RSVP below to let us know you are coming. You can help the event planning team by adding your name to our list so we can plan.

Sun, May 22 @4 pm - 6 pm

Apologies to friends from far away who may not be able to attend. We'll send out a full recap in the following week's issue.

Postcards to Environmental Voters in CO

Our newest postcard campaign is underway! We've partnered with the Environmental Voter Project (EVP) to write to voters in Colorado's newest district, CO-08. Postcards will go to low-propensity voters who place a high priority on the environment, encouraging them to vote in the upcoming primary. Voters who participate in primary elections are more likely to vote in subsequent elections.

All postcards to be sent on June 6

Focus for Democracy:
State Legislative Races

Want to know the game plan for taking back state legislatures from around the country? State legislatures hold the key to improving (or destroying) people's lives, and to saving democracy. Focus for Democracy founder Aaron Frank is a uniquely inspiring advocate for grass roots activism on behalf of democracy, so we hope you can join Swing Blue Alliance in attending Focus for Democracy and the States: State Legislative Races.

Focus for Democracy raises money for activist groups, and applies rigorous metrics-based research to find and recommend programs that will have the highest impact for each dollar spent. Their track record in identifying and supporting key races is unparalleled, so this presentation is a must for anyone who wants to know the best ways to ensure that their political donations have maximum impact.

Sun, May 1 @ 8pm ET (5pm PT)

Swing Left's New District Finder Tool

Just enter your zip code into Swing Left's new tool, and be instantly matched with the closest competitive target race and given suggestions for high-impact donation and volunteer options.

Try the tool and share it widely!

Activism Training: Google Drive 1

Learn about Google Drive from Sonali Tambe! In this class you will learn:

  • the purpose and uses of Google Drive
  • how to use Google Docs and handle Google Docs in your email
  • ways to find Google Docs in your Google Drive

Tues, May 3 @ 12 pm

Activism Training: Best Practices for Emailing Your Group - Part 1

Are your emails to your group being trapped by spam filters, getting lost in the crowd, or falling into an abyss of apathy? Hang on! There's a lot you can do to get through to your readers. 

In this hands-on class led by Susan Labandibar, you will

  • fix-up a dowdy email
  • get smart about targeting
  • improve your email deliverability

We will demonstrate using the Action Network, but MailChimp users and others are welcome. All participants will receive a copy of "Email Best Practices for Activists," written by Camille Roberts, a Swing Blue Alliance volunteer.

Thurs, May 5 @ 5 pm

These sessions are co-hosted by Indivisible Acton Area, Swing Blue Alliance, and Indivisible Mass Coalition in collaboration with volunteers at the MAssachusetts Grassroots Information Center, a Slack workspace for exchanging information, encouraging connections among groups, and building activist momentum across the state. Join the News-MAGIC Slack space today.


Our Mission

Swing Blue Alliance (formerly Swing Left Greater Boston) is the largest all-volunteer Democratic grassroots organization headquartered in Massachusetts. We use proven methods to protect our Democracy, work on competitive local and national elections, and strengthen the Democratic party at the grassroots level.

Your contribution will help fund the operations of this volunteer-produced newsletter, which goes out to over 15K subscribers.

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