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The gift of voting rights postcards

Posted on December 10, 2021

In this letter to her group, a Swing Blue Alliance organizer thanks her volunteers by giving them a free package of voting rights postcards to share with their friends and family during the holidays.

Dear Friends,

Thank you to us All for our hard work for Voting Rights…I know that it seems to have faded…but we have some first hand high sourced information that it is now paired with The Infrastructure Bill….they may be going home for the Holidays…but they are still talking…
I would like to give each of you a Holiday present of one free (stamps included) packet of Voting Rights cards….with the hope that you will take them out and ask your friends
And family as you gather to write with you…
I am bringing my packet to California to be shared with my children, their wives and my grandchildren…the colors are bright and the message is strong…what better gift than to teach the young that they must be activists….(will give my 7 and 5 year old grandchildren markers to color the front of the cards).
If you would like to have your gift packet of 50, please let me know by Saturday morning, when I will order….
Happy Holidays to you All. I so appreciate being part of this group with you.