June 11, 2018 Newsletter
Why Swing Left Greater Boston focuses on volunteer hosted events
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12-26 Newsletter

Posted on December 26, 2020

Happy Holidays


For the Inspirational Activists of SLGB

This is a joyous, upbeat video that reminds us that despite all the struggle suffering, hardship and loss in 2020, we are all in this together and very soon we will “trip the light” and be able to sing and dance again.

Watch Now

Phone Banking Weekend of Action: Ring in a Blue Year

This is it! No more phone banks after January 5th. Whew!

Join the Swing Left Greater Boston GOTV Weekend of Action to call Georgia Democratic Voters in Forsyth and Gwinnett Counties. Both Senate races are dead heats. We will need record turnouts to win.

Phone banks will be running all day on Saturday January 2nd and Sunday January 3rd.

Sign up for Weekend of Action Phone Banks

I'm not waiting. I want to get started now!

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Thank you to Michelle Maine from Swing Left San Francisco who designed the Pause graphic for us.

Swing Left Greater Boston Pause
From January 9th through March 6, Swing Left Greater Boston will be on Pause. All regular services, including events, calendar updates, website updates and event tracking will be suspended so we can take this opportunity to relax, reflect and plan our strategy for 2021 and beyond.

Comments on the Pause from SLGB Facebook group followers:

"*GREAT* logo!"

"Well deserved! Have a great holiday & Pause, Susan and team!"

"So deserved! Thanks for all you do."

"PERFECT! Not hiatus – break – sabbatical – but a …PAUSE…"

"Gee . . . It looks like you passed-out from exhaustion. All the classic symptoms, blue from anoxia, face down on the ground, unconscious. Someone call 911!"

"Very important to take a break and recharge the batteries!!! Thanks for all the amazing things that you do!!!"

"Thank you for every little thing you have done."

"Well deserved long nap"

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